Anti trust law

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antitrust law

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Government to protect consumers from traditional business practices by combining that fair competition exists in an abstract-market economy. By the mid s, the U. Antitrust laws, also referred to as "competition laws," are statutes developed by the U.S. Government to protect consumers from predatory business practices by ensuring that fair competition.

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Guide to Antitrust Laws Free and open markets are the foundation of a vibrant economy.

The Antitrust Laws

Aggressive competition among sellers in an open marketplace gives consumers — both individuals and businesses — the benefits of lower prices, higher quality products. Antitrust law originated in reaction to a public outcry over trusts, which were late-nineteenth-century corporate monopolies that dominated U.S.

manufacturing and mining. Trusts took their name from the legal device of business incorporation called trusteeship, which consolidated control of industries by transferring stock in exchange for trust certificates. Nov 10,  · News about Antitrust Laws and Competition Issues, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times.

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Anti trust law
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