Causes of malaysian student weak in english

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This article will call the causes that make the students looking to communicate in English and suggest some strengths that can overcome the difficulties. This question was framed to 30 Chicago students-teachers in mind to respond with their own conclusions.

assignment: ‘why malaysian students are weak in english’ course:fik english for communication 2 student’s name: nasrolhisyam bin md ali matric number: ppg / /11 i/c number: lecturer: dr mohd jafre bin zainol abidin 4. 5. The issue of Malaysian students weak in Engish has been one of the hottest topics in the country lately.

Nevertheless, the declining standard of English among Maaysian students has undoubtedly worried many quarters, so much so that the Ministry of Education has taken a drastic measure in requiring 5/5(3).

I assume that malaysian university student are not good in english because of some kind of problem.i notice that,the university student nowadays they just keep and manage to s peak in malay.


Factors Causes Students Low English Language Learning: A Case Study in the National University of Laos “Why Lao students weak in English?,” was employed as a tool in this study in order to ask the English student-teachers’ perceptions towards reasons that Lao students are poor performance for learning English as a foreign language.


Students losing out due to lack of English skill

15 categories of errors were classified to find out the causes of syntactic (), at his similar study, " Malaysian ESL students' syntactic Accuracy in the usage.

possible solutions dealing with the causes and effects of the very topic with an aim to help is more or less similar to that of Hong Kong where ‘Due to the weak foundation of English Language, inadequate training in primary schools and personalities, they are .

Causes of malaysian student weak in english
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Students’ Difficulties in Speaking English and How to Solve It | hiphiphurahura