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LLM Programs in Constitutional Law - United States

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May 28,  · Hi Fellow law students! Here in this thread I am sharing Q&A lecture notes in ebook format (pdf) for the subject - Constitutional Law - I for LLB and students.

The attached eBook of Constitutional Law - I contains self-prepared notes that will help you understand the concepts & theories and help you score well in your examinations. Joel Klaff - Programme Leader for the LLB Law/LLB Law with Criminology programmes and Lecturer in Law.

His subject areas include contractual obligations, commercial law, international trade, international business and commercial theory.

The Law School is renowned as a center for scholarship in constitutional law, and prominent scholars are well represented on the School’s faculty.

Opportunities to study, research, and write on this topic are plentiful, and the Law School provides a range of opportunities—from lecture series and. LLB Syllabus. There are many students who are doing Bachelor of Legislative Law Course which is 03 year course.

To qualify the Law examination, candidates need to prepare from LLB Syllabus which is available here. We have provided top law universities law syllabus structure on. DU LLB Entrance Exam Syllabus DU LLB is a university level entrance examination conducted by the faculty of Law, Delhi University.

Syllabus of Constitutional law-I

In addition to this, you may download Paper Pattern for entrance exam. This includes contract law, criminal law, constitutional & administrative law, EU law, land law and equity & trusts. As part of the LLB, students have the opportunity to supplement these core units with a variety of optional modules.

Constitutional law llb
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