Conversation between two friends about pollution in english

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Dialogue Between Two Friends on Air Pollution in Delhi

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A Dialogue between two students about Town life and Village life

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English Conversation Between Two Friends About Climate Change. by Omar | Jun 20, | English Conversations Rampant deforestation, industrialization and increase in vehicular pollution has led to global warming. Not to mention the soaring pollution levels. Farha: You are right.

Delhi is. Write a dialogue between two friends on the bad effects of smoking Write a dialogue between two friends on frequent cyclones in our country Write a letter to your friends inviting him to join the picnic.

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Our multimedia service, through this new integrated single platform, updates throughout the day, in text, audio and video – also making use of quality images and other media from across the UN system. A dialouge between two friends About environment pollution. Sujon: Hello Sultan. How are you? Sultan A conversation between a teacher and a student on school dress (school uniform) of the students.

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