Customer relationship in tourism industry

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CRM in the Tourism Industry – The case of Four Seasons Hotels

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CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT IN MARKETING FINANCIAL SERVICES (A CASE STUDY OF UNIBANK GHANA LIMITED) ABSTRACT Customer relationship management is a customer focused business strategy that dynamically integrates sales, marketing and customer services, in order to create and add value for the company and its customer.

Customer Relationship Management (known as CRM) is defined as the process of managing detailed information about individual customers and developing stronger relationship with customers to maximize customer loyalty (Kotler and Keller, Title: Customer Relationship in Tourism Industry – A case study on a Swedish Seminar date: 4th of June, Level: Bachelor thesis in Business Administration, Basic level15 ECTS Authors: Yanfei Yan, Jie Yang Supervisor: Angelina Sundtröm marketing mix, service quality, customer satisfaction, customer retention.

travel agency, Resia. In the tourism and hospitality industries in general and the hotel industry in particular, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) becomes important as travellers become more price sensitive, less brand loyal and more sophisticated (Sigala,Pp.


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Review the list of Gold, Silver and Bronze Stevie Award winners in the world's top honors for sales, business development, contact center, and customer service professionals.

Customer relationship in tourism industry
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