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Admission is FREE!

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Touching Figment — Figment never misses this system-time Festival!. Thank you to everyone who attended last night's Live Action Shorts screening. Up next is the animated shorts catego You will enjoy over 50 ethnic foods, pastries, deserts, vendors, craft booths, entertainment throughout the weekend, a parade of lights boat show on the river on Saturday night, and the International Parade through downtown Lorain on Sunday at noon.

The International Festival Committee’s Children's Area Free Activities will be 11am – 6pm, Saturday & 12 Noon - 5 pm, Sunday. Under the tent includes Chinese masks, USA mats, Mexican Paper Flowers, and Tahitian headdresses.

T he International Festival of Language and Culture is an annual celebration and showcase for the diversity of linguistic talents from across the world. The International Festival of Language and Culture first started in and proceeded with only 17 countries participating.

The Present Theatre Company, Inc. – creators and producers of the NEW York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC + FringeBYOV) must raise $, before. The Rhode Island International Film Festival is a production of the non-profit Flickers, The Newport Film Society & Arts Collaborative.

WEBSITE UPDATED: February• Festival Week Daily Hits Average: 99, • Total Hits for 7, • Total August Readership.

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