Water potential of potato tissue by change in length

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PLANT WATER POTENTIAL GRADIENTS Bort 50 0 E 50 Figure 2. Plant water potential in corn as a function of the stem length from the soil surface which is taken as zero. (A), (•) full sun, (X) part shade.

Figure 3.

Investigating Osmosis using Potato Strips

Plant water potential in corn at sunrise as a func-tion of stem length from the soil surface which is taken as zero. Pre-dawn leaf water potential is determined using the same basic methodology as LWP, but the readings are taken beginning at am and ending before sunrise, using fully expanded leaves.

potential of the pure water outside the cell (ψ of cell = ψ of pure water = 0). At this point, a dynamic equilibrium is reached and net water movement ceases (Figure 1b). AP Biology Lab: Osmosis and Potatoes percent change in mass of the slice of potato Constants: size and weight of the potato, the sizes of the beakers, the time, the temperature, the amount of solution "having equal water potential since the two solutions have an equal concentration of water molecules." (Isotonic, ).

EXERCISE 2 - Determining the Water Potential of Potato Cells In animal cells, the movement of water into and out of the cell is influenced by the relative concentration of solute on either side of the cell membrane. If water moves out of the cell, the cell will shrink.

If water moves into the cell, the cell may swell or even burst.

Water potential of potato tissue by change in length
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