Why africa is poor

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Why is Africa so poor? You asked Google – here’s the answer

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Poverty in Africa

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Africa is so poor because African governments are negotiating deals with international investors that are replicas of colonial arrangements which arrangements are a.

So, why is Africa so poor in comparison to the rest of world? I started my answer emphasising past comparisons for a reason. Getting to what I feel is the best or at least, most likely answer, involves answering secondary questions, the first of which is: Why is the world so much richer now?

Why is Africa so poor? You asked Google – here’s the answer

“Africa’s governance is poor,” Sachs writes, “because Africa is poor.” The idea that Africa is a victim of geography is not new, but Sachs’s book dares to offer a big, bold solution. Africa has always been poor. Indeed, for most of human history, the whole world has been poor.

It was really only in the 18th century with the industrial and agricultural revolutions that North Western Europe, especially England, started to lift itself out of poverty. A few years ago, two economics professors, Quamrul Ashraf and Oded Galor, published a paper, “The ‘Out of Africa’ Hypothesis, Human Genetic Diversity, and Comparative Economic Development.

Why africa is poor
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